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Last update: 18-06-2020
ECC Decision

1) Designation of the frequency bands for GALILEO and GLONASS in CEPT.

2) Coexistence between the amateur service / amateur satellite service and the radionavigation-satellite receivers (GALILEO, GLONASS) in the frequency band 1240-1 300 MHz.


1) To develop an ECC Decision to designate the frequency bands for GALILEO and GLONASS in CEPT.

2) To develop an ECC Decision on technical conditions to achieve coexistence between amateur service/ amateur-satellite service and the radionavigation-satellite receivers in the frequency band 1 240-1 300 MHz

S: 14-02-2020
T: 26-05-2023
2 ECC Decisions

Frequency bands subject for designation according to item 1): 1164-1215 MHz, 1237-1300 MHz,1559-1620 MHz.

WG SE (SE PT 40)support the work by performing detailed studies of the various amateur service scenarios versus the radionavigation-satellite service in the frequency range 1 240-1 300 MHz.

In Progress
Last update: 23-02-2022
Rev. ECC Decision Revision of ECC Decision (05)08
Revision of Decides 2 of ECC Decision (05)08 based on Decides 2 of ECC Decision (21)01 and possible consequential changes
S: 08-10-2021
T: 25-11-2022
In Progress
Last update: 07-03-2022
Rev. ECC Decision Revision of the CEPT regulatory framework for S-PCS < 1GHz

Some modifications of the ERC Decisions (99)05 and(99)06 are needed to align the process with current ECC rules of procedure.

The ERC Decisions (99)05 and (99)06 will be revised with the following items:

-        Possible merge ECTRA/DEC/(99)02, ERC/DEC/(99)05 and ERC/DEC/(99)06 Decisions;

-        Consider umbrella application term “MSS earth stations” (layer 2 term in Annex 2 of ECC Decision (01)03) in addition to S-PCS;

-        Possibility of streamlining or speed up the processes in the ERC Decision (99)06, including possibility of merging related decisions;

-        Study the possible conflicts and duplications with the ITU process;

-        Review enforcement of the constraints for operators;

-        Means of compliance with milestone 7;

-        Reconsider need for intra-MSS study results as a requirement for inclusion in Annex 2.Technical parameters should define reliable spectrum access in a shared spectrum environment used by several MSS operators;

-        The procedure(ex: need for public consultation) and number of supporting administrations for a new entry or modification of the Annexes;

-        Clarify in annexes the constraints and add comments columns for factual information;

-        Update the main body of the Decision and remove obsolete references;

-        Reference to RED;

-        Consider the need for provisions in the Decision for future instances where multiple new candidate entrants are under consideration;

-        Conditions to delete one system from the Annex 2 of ERC Decision (99)06;

-        Role and list of supporting CEPT administrations to be added in Annex 1 and Annex 2;

-        Link with the notifying administration of the system candidate;

-        What are the national obligations on systems not fulfilling operational conditions that are based on requirement for protection from a limited number of countries.

S: 04-03-2022
T: 26-07-2024
Provisions of the revised Decision will be applied to new candidates declared after thepublication of the revised Decision.
In Progress
Last update: 07-03-2022
Rev. ECC Decision Revision of ECC Decision (02)04, to reflect planned use of the band 40.5-42.5GHz

To establish/update the framework for use of FSS earth stations on a coordinated basis in the band 40.5-42.5 GHz.

This includes:

-       Revisions to ECC Decision (02)04 to: (a) add a designation of the band 40.5-42.5 GHz for coordinated and uncoordinated FSS earth stations (space-to-Earth) (retaining the current condition in Decides 1about uncoordinated earth stations not claiming protection from the fixed and broadcasting services); and (b) consider the possible need to expand the scope of Decides 1 to add “MFCN” to the list of services from which uncoordinated earth stations shall not claim protection.

S: 04-03-2022
T: 28-07-2023
In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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