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Last update: 06-02-2018
Rev. ECC Report European Common Allocation Table (ERC Report 25)

Update of ERC Report 25 (European Common Allocation Table)


Regular Work item

WGFM#89 (October 2017) approved the revised ECA Table for publication and gave some guidance for future revisions to the EFIS/MG. At WGFM#90 (February 2018), EFIS/MG was tasked to consider the allocation situation for the ECA column for the band 790-862 MHz, and for the Fixed Services in 11.7-12.5 GHz. The next revision is expected for submission to WGFM#92 in September 2018.

In Progress
Last update: 17-05-2017
Other Civil/Military Forum
Development of Civil/Military frequency harmonisation
Regular Work item

An overview on the civil-military meeting (23-24 November 2016 in Prague) and the results based on the presentation which was produced as the “outcome document” is in doc. FM(17)005-Annex 05.

WGFM#88 decided to keep the working methods for the Civ/Mil meeting (last revision 2010, see doc. FM(17)005-Annex 4), only subject to possible editorial amendments.

In Progress
Last update: 14-05-2018
Other General review of all ECC/ERC Decisions  >5 years old
Proposals for Decisions and Recommendations to be revised/retained/abrogated as appropriate
Regular Work item
ECC#47 in February 2018 agreed on an updated list with proposals regarding ERC/ECC/ECTRA Decisions. 
In addition:
WGFM#90 (February 2018) ECC#46 approved new draft ECC Decisions for the withdrawal of ECC Decision (15)02 for Broadband Direct-Air-To-Ground,  the withdrawal ERC Decision (01)08 on 2.4 GHz movement detectors and the withdrawal of ECC Decision (07)02 on 3.4-3.8 GHz Broadband Wireless Access. In addition, WGFM updated the list for the review of ECC/ERC Decisions for submission to the ECC. Note that the list is also electronically available in the new Documentation Database. 

WG FM (May 2018) agreed that the Recommendations ECTRA/REC/(01)02, ECTRA/REC/(99)02, ERC/REC 11-01, T/R75-04 (all in the satellite service domain) could  be withdrawn at the next WG FM meeting if no CEPT administration will see a problem. CEPT administrations should therefore review these Recommendations in detail before the next WG FM meeting.

In Progress
Last update: 17-05-2017

Exchange of information on LSA implementation


The objective is to share experience on LSA implementation and testing (e.g. measurement results) by NRAs. ECO collects this material and maintains the topic under WGFM supervision and provides inputs for discussion at WG FM level.
Regular Work item

The LSA information page is on: 

In Progress
Last update: 17-05-2017
Other WGFM Activities 5G Roadmap
WGFM updates/activities with regard to ECC's 5G Roadmap
S: 03-02-2017
T: 18-05-2018
WGFM#87: 5G roadmap: It is indicated in the roadmap that it will be reviewed at each ECC plenary meeting with an assessment of the related activities. This also provides a possibility to further clarify how to manage the requests from the vertical sectors. The WG FM chairman will report on that at the next ECC meeting. He also emphasised that the ongoing discussion of these sectors will require contributions from the relevant stakeholders. 

ECC#44 adopted a revised roadmap in March 2017.
In Progress
FM45_06 (ECO)
Last update: 17-05-2017
Other Maintaining the WI95revCO07 and MA02revCo07 plans

Maintaining the WI95revCO07 and MA02revCO07 Plans - monitor and advise on any action required by the ECO

Additional guidance and a revision of the document reflecting previous decisions have been revised 

Regular Work item

Updates are handled by the ECO with information distributed via the website and reported directly to WGFM.

In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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