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Last update: 05-11-2018
Rev. ECC Recommendation Amendment to ECCRecommendation (15)03 - Provision of Comparable Information on Retail InternetAccess Service Quality
EU Regulation 2015/2120 (TSM Regulation) concerning inter-alia openInternet access was published on 25 November 2015. The regulation containsrequirements for ISPs to publish various details concerning their servicesincluding minimum, normally available, advertised and maximum speeds for fixedconnections. For mobile connections, advertised and maximum speeds need to bepublished. BEREC has published guidellines on the implementation of thisregulation.

ECC Recommendation (15)03 entitled Provision of Comparable Informationon Retail Internet Access Service Quality was adopted on 23 April 2015. Thisrecommendation predates the EU Regulation and the BEREC Guidelines. As 28 CEPTcountries are EU Member States, PT TRIS considers that some minor amendments arerequired to ECC Recommendation to reflect the new regulations.

ECC Recommendation (15)03 needs to be updated to include references toRegulation 2015/2120 and the BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation by NationalRegulators of European Net Neutrality Rules in the “considering” part.

The additional requirement to include minimum and normally availablespeeds must also be included in the table in Annex 2, Table 2.

References:          EURegulation 2015/2120 , BERECGuidelines
S: 24-11-2016
T: 29-11-2018
In Progress
Last update: 05-09-2018
ECC Report Defining and calculating free space  in cable ducts

It is planned that this ECC Report would provide a summary of the current situation for free space (capacity)in the cable ducts in CEPT countries. The Report would also provide definitions and options of mathematical calculations for defining and calculating free space in cable ducts for pulling and blowing alternative operators’ cables. The objective of the report would be to provide guidance or a harmonised approach to deal with disputes where infrastructure owners prohibit access by claiming alack of capacity. 

S: 05-09-2018
T: 29-05-2020
WG NaN agreeable to the work but support from further countries needed. Provisional support from some administrations which needs to be confirmed before the next PT TRIS meeting.

In Progress
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