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Last update: 19-05-2022
Other Audio PMSE in the 700MHz duplex gap (ECC Report 221)
To review the updated technical analysis relative to audio PMSE in the 700 MHz MFCN duplex gap from ECC Report 221
S: 19-05-2022
T: 30-09-2022

WG FM pointed out a possible inconsistency in ECCReport 221, which triggered this WI.

Deliverable: Liaison Statement from WG SE to SRD/MG, FM51 and WG FM.

SRD/MG, FM51, WG FM, and ECC PT1 to be informed about this WI.

STG may provide assistance regarding SEAMCAT.

LSfrom WG FM (SE(22)064)including the updated technical analysis and the SEAMCAT Workspaces (SE(22)064A01),as received from SRD/MG.

In Progress
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