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Last update: 14-05-2018
HF monitoring campaign
HF monitoring campaign 3 - 30 MHz
S: 06-02-2009
T: 01-01-2023
Results under Results could be used for the preparation of the next WRC.
In Progress
Last update: 14-05-2018

Radio Interference Statistics


Collection of annual interference statistics information. 
Regular Work item
The summary of the interference statistics 2017 was agreed and is published on the FM PT22 interference statistics website (May 2018). ADCO RED informed about results of the 2017 interference statistics.
WGFM#91 (May 2018) agreed to submit at the beginning of 2019 the annual questionnaire for reported cases in 2018. 
In Progress
Last update: 09-07-2018
Other Consider interference cases to meteorological radars caused by non-compliant use of 5 GHz RLANs.
Project Team FM22, responsible for enforcement, was tasked to consider interference cases to meteorological radars caused by non-compliant use of 5 GHz RLANs. CEPT administrations were invited to provide relevant proposals directly to FM22.
Regular Work item
WGFM#89 (October 2017) agreed an assessment of the reported interference at meteorological radars caused by 5 GHz WAS/RLAN following the collection of information by means of a WGFM questionnaire. WGFM will request ADCO RED to conduct a market surveillance campaign and the ECC will be informed about the results of the questionnaire. A reference to the agreed assessment will be included in ECC Report 192. FM22 will continue to monitor the situation and the work item FM22_32 is continued. ECC#46 in November 2017 agreed a revised list of actions and a response liaison statement to ADCO RED.
In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2018
Rev. ECC Recommendation Revision of ERC Recommendation 54-01 “Method of measuring the maximum frequency deviation of FM broadcast emissions in the band 87.5 to 108 MHz at monitoring stations”
The amplitude versus frequency response of FM broadcasting signals cannot be measured correctly with current reflection meters in the presence of long delays between the direct wave and a reflected wave. This requires a revision of Recommendation ERC/REC 54-01.

S: 25-09-2018
T: 24-09-2020
In Progress
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