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Last update: 07-03-2022
Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation Review of the ECC Decision and Recommendations relating to Radio Operator Certificates

Review of all ECC Decisions and Recommendations relating to Radio Operator Certificates, including:

  • Review of ERC/DEC/(99)01 on the harmonised examination syllabi for the General Operator's Certificate (GOC) and the Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC)
  • Review of ECC/REC/(10)03 on Long Range Certificate
  • Review of ERC/REC 31-04 on Short Range Certificate
  • Review of ERC/REC 31-06 on the harmonised content of certificates issued by administrations for the GOC and ROC to facilitate the mutual recognition of these certificates

S: 11-02-2022
T: 28-06-2024
The relevant ECC Decisions and ECC Recommendations will be impacted by work at IMO, namely; revision to chapters III,IV,V of the IMO SOLAS Convention1974 (as amended) affecting the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System(GMDSS), which will come into force on 1 January 2024.There will also be consequential changes to the ITU-R Radio Regulations as result of the work related to the maritime Agenda Item1.11 of WRC-23.
In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2021
ECC Decision Regulation to operate Autonomous Maritime Radio Devices (AMRD) in CEPT
Following the conclusion of WRC-19 AI 1.9.1 on AMRD, it is expected that the proliferation of AMRD will continue. Therefore, it is necessary to address the regulation and other challenges that these devices pose in the CEPT region.
S: 23-10-2020
T: 04-11-2022

Recommendation ITU-R M. 2135

FM58(20)019Rev1 - Ideas on a possible followup on the Questionnaire on licensing of Personal Radio Equipment (PRE)

WG FM Questionnaire toCEPT Administrations on Licensing for Personal Radio Equipment; 1 October 2018to 7 December 2018

In Progress
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