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Last update: 18-05-2017
Rev. ECC Recommendation Strategy for SRDs
A long term strategy for SRDs
Regular Work item
Request to ECO to search in App.3 of Rec.70-03 for national restrictions. Rec. 70-03 created directly from EFIS database. Administrations can update their national implementation information directly in EFIS.
In Progress
Last update: 27-10-2018
ECC Decision , ECC Report , CEPT Report , Other , Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation SRD
Revisions, additions, or deletion of entries, to ERC Recommendation 70-03, ECC Decisions and ECC Reports. CEPT Report in response to updates under the permanent EC mandate on SRD.
Regular Work item
In Progress
Last update: 05-02-2020
ECC Report Future spectrum for UHF SRD (incl. automotive), RFID, Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Alarms and Social Alarms applications SE24_61
Study future spectrum needs
S: 20-05-2010
T: 22-05-2020

The SRD/MG was tasked by WG FM to study SRD applications in data networks  (NBN, UNB, LPWAN-CSS).

In Progress
Last update: 24-05-2018
Other CEPT Contributions concerning ITU-R Resolution 54-1 and ITU-R Report SM.2153 - Coordination 

1) Update the European content.

2) Contribute to study items as described in RES 54-1 to foster better regional and global harmonisation for SRD applications.. 



Regular Work item
ITU-R WP1B elevated the working document towards a new proposed draft Recommendation on SRD categorisation. The new ITU-R Recommendation SM.2103 for global harmonisation of SRD categories was published in October 2017.

SRD/MG is currently monitoring the developments in ITU WPs 1A and 1B as well as APT about non-beam WPT (non beam)  due to the development of a new Annex for these applications in Rec. 70-03. 
Also WP 1B for UWB.
In Progress
Last update: 05-02-2020
Other , Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation

To consider the ETSI system reference documents on radiodetermination applications in the range 116 GHz to 260 GHz and HD-GBSAR in 74-81 GHz.

After completion of studies and/or investigations, this may lead to new entries in ERC/REC 70-03.

S: 14-05-2018
T: 07-02-2020
In Progress
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