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Last update: 12-01-2017
Other Review of ERC/ECC Decisions
Review the existing ERC/ECC Decisions related to IMT, GSM and DECT and take action, as appropriate
Regular Work item

Deliverable: ECC PT1 position paper, Questionnaire, revised ECC Decision


In Progress
Last update: 12-01-2017
Other Development of common CEPT contributions
To contribute to ITU-R WP 5D
Regular Work item

To assess at each meeting based on WP 5D feedbacks relevant contributions needed to promote common CEPT views (frequency arrangements issues)

Deliverable : CEPT contributions to ITU-R WP 5D (on a case-by-case basis)
In Progress
Last update: 30-03-2015
Other Development of TCAM RIG II RIS models
To develop RIS implementations (for all ECC Decisions approved during and after 2009)
Regular Work item
Deliverable : RIS model(s)
In Progress
Last update: 03-03-2017
Best practices on indoor coverage for Mobile services (MFCN)
Gather information on technical and regulatory options to address indoor coverage needs.
S: 17-06-2016
T: 04-06-2018
This work should gather information from national administrations and industry on the technical options and solutions available to address indoor coverage for mobile services (such information should be made regularly available to ECC meetings). This work may also consider technical solutions under a general authorisation regime.
In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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