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Last update: 10-10-2017
Other EFIS Software Developments
To develop EFIS further to fulfil the requirements set out in respect of the ECC's strategic plan, spectrum inventory and EC Decision for EFIS
Regular Work item

WGFM instructs ECO to conduct software changes in the EFIS DB.

WGFM#89 (October 2017): action list for ECO and CEPT administrations endorsed. EFIS/MG to develop a WGFM questionnaire to all interested users.

In Progress
Last update: 06-02-2018
ECC Decision Update ECC/DEC/(01)03
Update of list of EFIS application terms.
Regular Work item
ECC#46 approved the revision of ECC/DEC/(01)03 for publication. 
In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
Other RIS Model Validation
EFIS/MG to validate RIS Models from originating PTs/MGs concerning compliance with the RIS Model template guidance and compatiblity with the EFIS DB.   
Regular Work item
EFIS/MG will collaborate with SE19 and it is expected that radio interface template information for fixed service applications will be included in EFIS and ECO Report 04.
In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
Other Supervise ECO Report 05 


ECO Report 05 on 'CEPT, ECC and EC deliverables - relation to application terminoly specified in ECC Decision (01)03 Annex 2'
Regular Work item
An update was endorsed by WGFM#88 in May 2017
In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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