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Last update: 13-09-2018
ECC Report Advanced technologies for fixed uncoordinated GSO FSS earth stations in the 27.5-29.5 GHz band.
To examine if advanced technologies and/or mitigation techniques could enable a wider range of fixed uncoordinated GSO FSS earth stations and FS use in the 27.5-29.5 GHz band.
S: 12-05-2017
T: 01-05-2019
To conduct technical studies to determine if advanced technologies (e.g. TR 103 263) could enable a wider range of fixed uncoordinated GSO FSS earth stations and FS use in the 27.5-29.5 GHz band.

Supplementary sharing and compatibility studies could be conducted when appropriate taking into account of the existing protection requirements for both services.

FS characteristics in the frequency band 27,5-29,5GHz may be based on parameters provided in ECC Report 217 (P-P and P-MP). The work is to be done in close cooperation with SE19.  In particular SE19 should check the technical parameters of the FS in the ECC Report 217.

It should be noted that 5G in this band is not included in the CEPT roadmap on 5G.

In Progress
Last update: 25-01-2018
Other Further sharing and compatibility studies on NGSO satellite systems operating in 10.7-12.75 GHz and in the 14 - 14.5 GHz FSS allocations.

To carry out sharing and compatibility studies between NGSO FSS systemsnot yet considered under ECC Report 271 and existing services in the bands and adjacent to the bands 10.7-12.75 GHz and 14 - 14.5 GHz  When examining compatibility issues arising from out of band emissions, aggregate impact on existing passive services,namely RAS and EESS (passive) systems operating in the band 10.6-10.7 GHz, from FSS interference sources, including GSO satellite networks would need to be studied.  

S: 26-01-2018
T: 31-01-2019

Other: Amendments to ECC Report 271

The intention is to include new studies in the existing ECC Report 271, unless the results indicate the need for a separate report.
In Progress
Last update: 13-09-2018
Other , Rev. ECC Report Modification to software routines and subsequent description for evaluation of the measurement of Iridium OoB emissions in the RAS band 1610.6-1613.8 MHz

Modification to the existing scripts for the evaluation of Iridium OoB emissions in the RAS band to improve the precision of data loss calculations making it possible to accurately estimate the data loss from emissions generated by Iridium NEXT satellites.

According to the software modifications, ECC Report 247 should be amended.
S: 14-09-2018
T: 01-05-2019
Deliverable:Amendments to ECC Report 247, others.
In Progress
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