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Last update: 20-05-2020
ECC Report Amateur and RNSS in the band 1240-1300 MHz FM44_36
To develop possible scenarios with conditions or limitations that may be applied to the amateur service to ensure the future coexistence of both services and avoid cases of interference considering the allocations in the frequency band 1240 - 1300 MHz to the radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) with a primary status and to the amateur service and a portion to the amateur-satellite service, both with asecondary status as well as to other services.
S: 02-10-2019
T: 31-05-2023
Due toan interference caused by an application of the radio amateur service to astation of the RNSS two measurement campaigns were carried out (see document FM44(19)017). To avoid any interference in the future it may be necessary to determine conditions or limitations to the amateur/amateur satellite service.
In Progress
Last update: 02-02-2022
ECC Report Technical studies to contribute to the update of the annex 2 of ERC Decision (99)06
Compatibility analysis (inter-service and intra-service) concerning networks for Satellite Personal Communication System operating below 1 GHz (S-PCS < 1 GHz) are needed. According to ERC/DEC/(99)06 Decision, these compatibility studies for this S-PCS < 1 GHz system have to be successfully completed for inclusion in Annex 2 of ERC/DEC/(99)06.
S: 02-10-2019
T: 06-02-2023

Coordination principles under RR article 9 such as satellite network priority, should be excluded from these studies. 

Coordination with FM44 to identify the current systems in operation.

 SE(19)085 extracted from ECC minutes gives guidance. Remaining point of the studies will consider Fleet, but not excluding new guidance from WGFM.

In Progress
Last update: 30-09-2021
ECC Report Receiver selectivity performance of satellite earth stations operating in the frequency band 3800-4200 MHz
To study possible improvements of receiver selectivity performance (in particular LNA and LNB, including fltering) of satellite earth stations operating in the frequency band 3800-4200 MHz, , in order to facilitate coexistence with MFCNs operating in the adjacent band.
S: 31-01-2020
T: 30-06-2022
Any revision of emission characteristics of MFCN operating in the band 3400-3800 MHz is out of the scope of this WI.
The work item will be conducted in close cooperation with SE21.
The study will be developed in collaboration with ETSI, WG FM and PT1.
In Progress
Last update: 30-09-2021
ECC Report Aggregated interference of satellite systems into RAS
Based on relevant ITU-R Recommendations and Reports such as Recommendation ITU-R M.1583 “Interference calculations between non-geostationary mobile-satellite service or radionavigation-satellite service systems and radioastronomy telescope sites” and Recommendation ITU-R S.1586-1 “Calculation of unwanted emission levels produced by a non-geostationary fixed-satellite service system at radio astronomy sites”, use the methodology to assess the aggregate data loss resulting from multiple NGSO satellite systems to RAS by means of epfd studies and analyse how the individual satellite systems contribute to the aggregate data loss.
S: 30-09-2021
T: 31-01-2023

The following questions could be addressed:

  • how are estimates of the aggregate data loss possible, when certain information is missing? (e.g., if not all technical parameters are available for all systems)
  • Sensitive analysis on the technical parameters such as constellation types, orbital distribution, duty cycles etc. influence the aggregation of the data loss?

In Progress
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